Yet another tragedy here in America. FFS, this is not a talking point?

Just saw a report on the texas shooting Aug 31st. Police take to long to respond. Where are our CCWs? Arm yourself, blame the psychotic shooter, and respond. Take control of your own safety. Arm yourself, get training, make sure you will be filling out a report. Not having shrapnel ripped out of your stomach. Your safety IS your responsibility.

And our politicians, who use the fear in our people for votes, need to shut the fuck up. Thier solution is to make the people fear guns. To make guns synonymous with death, destruction, and chaos. They use this fear created by media, for votes, from those unfortunate enough to be defenceless.

What do you think our apparent obsession over tragedy and gun control is?

I do not support the killing of innocents, the racist beliefs of many shooters, nor the ability to own a firearm after one has committed a crime. I support the ability of the people of our country to defend themselves as they see fit. To ENCOURAGE people to own a firearm, not force, but to encourage, and provide access to training.

Side note: I have recently been into safeway. It was rather busy, and I bout had a panic attack by the time I got out. Why? Because i know i live in california, with 10 plus minute delays for police to arrive, AND I'M NOT OLD ENOUGH TO OWN A FIREARM. That is Ridiculous.

Fuck the media. Fuck em.
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Yet another tragedy here in America. FFS, this is not a talking point?
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