Is my coworker interested in me?

I like a coworker of mine, and I think it's mutual. Except for the fact that we're not talking.

Here were the signs:

- always came to my area

- followed me around

- asked other people where I was

- asked me personal questions

- stared at me

- tried to impress me

- teased me

- gazed into my eyes and made eye contact in general

- followed me to the break room and the bathroom if he saw I was headed there

Then he started ignoring me. I asked what was wrong. He got nervous and covered up. Said nothing was wrong and followed me around that night. In my opinion he was hinting at me asking him out. He kept smiling and looking into my eyes.

Then he just became a dick, and I started ignoring him back, averting his looks. Now if I'm in the room his eyes go to me and no one else. I've seen him stare at me across the room, and he has followed me out to my car and at work. My friend told him I liked him recently and he didn't say anything back just looked down and smiled and said oh well she stopped talking to me. After this he glared at me.

So what's his problem? Did he feel rejected (even though I sent out every signal I had that I liked him) or does he not like me? I guess I just expected him to make the move.


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  • hmmm. pretty sure its just a crush. I had the same thing as you, but from the guys view obviously, and I'm not gonna lie, I really just had a thing for her like I wanted her then and there. I don't think anything would work between us that got serious tho. so he may have just been seeing you that way and you were just seeing signals because you wanted to. srry =/


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