Guys which girl would you date?

Girl 1- she's 21 years old and won 25 beauty pageants. She has long pretty hair, and C cup boobs. She can be a little rude, slightly aggestive, and it takes her a while to warm up to people but she cooks well, cleans well, and she's very femmine She won't date men who are broke or say that they want to go 50/50 with her. She wants a man to pay for every date. Every man she dated in the past paid for everything for her or helped her with her medical bills.

Girl 2 is overweight, has a noticeable overbite, and has short hair. She never wears makeup and her skin breaks out every now and then. She is funny, kind and she is willing to go 50/50 with a man, pay for a man's first date with her, and she'll even ask a guy out first.
Girl 1
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Girl 2! ;D
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Guys which girl would you date?
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