Justice System In Norway, Thoughts?

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In Norway the longest punishment you can get in prison are 21 years. The only exception is if the person is extraordinarily dangerous and they can expand the sentence every 5th years and that's what's going to happen with Breivik who killed 77 people. Halden and Bastøy prisons are example on prisons in Norway. It's very rare to share cells with other inmates, solitary confinement and not having a toilet on the cell in Norway, although it happen. Most prisons are considered luxurious.

In Norway the majority of rape accused doesn't get punished because of lack of evidence, so it's a low chance of getting caught if you're a rapist. You're still more likely to get caught if you're a man than a woman though. Rapists often serves only a couple of years in prison, while murderers not much more than 5 years. You can however get 1 111$ fines, 1 year probation and get your PC confiscated for none-violent hate speech like name calling online. With a lenient system you can get released after ca. 1 years for good behavior if you raped someone on the street.

Women gets the custody in 90% of the cases after a divorce and men have to pay the child support. A woman can also claim the man abused the children and him not being allowed to see them again without much evidence (sometimes) because of they doesn't want to risk the children's well being. Norway is still the most gender equal society in the world. Men doesn't have a say in abortion, and not in child custody or child support either. #JusticeSystem
Justice System In Norway, Thoughts?
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Justice System In Norway, Thoughts?
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