Personally, I don't. To me, it's just a way of diluting the White population of countries and a way for minorities to "take-over" countries which have historically been white. I wouldn't have a problem with it if countries in Africa, the Middle East or Asia etc. also were "Diversifying" themselves, but no. It's just white people in "White countries" (such as the UK, France etc.) that are dying off and being replaced with a migrant population: and I just don't agree with that. There's nothing wrong with White people or a country being 99% White. Just because you're White doesn't mean you have to just accept immigration, and I agree with Eastern Europe's policies in how they don't take any immigrants, except for European ones.

These are just my opinions. A member of my family was sexually assaulted by a Muslim guy in London a few years ago. I personally don't like them because of that, and I've heard that immigrants raping white European women is now commonplace in Western Europe (the countries who push for Multiculturalism). To be, it's just a mistake and White people are just being replaced and having their countries stolen.

Sadly, I feel as if most people disagree with me, and that I will get some hate for posting this, merely because of the way I think. Which isn't fair mind you, but as I'm sure you know by now: Anyone who doesn't follow the anti-white, Liberal agenda is automatically a horrible Racist, even though every other part of the World refuses Multiculturalism. Ah well, only white guys can be Racist, right?
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