Biracial people and the black community?

Why do biracial people always claim they are black even if they are 75% other. These same people trash fully black people but always say they are black and proud. Also if they are so proud of their “blackness” why do they say things like “I’m not like those dark people I’m half white, Asian, etc.” Or “I’m not ghetto like those black people.” like they claim they are black but they obviously separate themselves from Black people at the same time.

Also why are real black people always so desperate to claim these folks. The outcast of other communities. Whites, Asians, etc almost never claim these biracial people because they don’t identify with them. But black people are always so willing to claim these mixed people that really don’t even care for us. These biracial people will disrespect black people and degrade us as if we are less than. But black folks will stay defending them and damn near worshiping them for whatever reason. It looks desperate and sad.

Disclosure: I’m not talking about all biracial people. I know not all of you are like this.
Biracial people and the black community?
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