What's wrong with being a loser?

In our capitalistic society there will for sure exist losers. They are necessary in order for winners to exist. This is the foundation of income inequality.

With this spoken, why do we hate the losers when they are still human and are still doing the best they can to live a good life.

I often hear women on this site talk about being a loser as somewhat of a penultimate insult. But as I said, satistically there must exist losers in order for there to be winners. So it seems wrong to put down a category that we force into existence and to put down people who, no fault of their own, lost to more able competetors.

So the question is, why do people often put down a loser?

Here's a quote from Billie Joe Armstrong, the singer from Green Day:
What's wrong with being a loser?
Do you agree with the quote?
What's wrong with being a loser?
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