Inequality in the US, how big is the gap?

I have never been to US. I am from Scandinavia and Central Africa and I have only travlled in Europe (Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Serbia, Italy, Spain, France, Turkey) and Africa (Uganda, Cameroun, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt).

Most of the movies and series we watch are American, the cultures are alike.

But the pictures (linked attached) has been haunting me for years. I know they are from some years back (70s, 80s, 90s and 00s I believe) but they really made an impact. I know in every country there is a working class, middle class and upper class, but I think these pictures showed me a form of inequality and a level of poverty and despair i have never witnessed before. Is it still like that some places, are the inequality still that big, I am talking about US only.
Inequality in the US, how big is the gap?
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