Is jail the most horrible crime against humanity?

Is jail the most horrible crime against humanity?
Is jail the most horrible crime against humanity?
Holding people in cells like caged animals is one of the most despicable crimes in my opinion by our own people. Putting these people together where they can attack or even try to kill one another is not “fixing” them of their crime in any way.
Depriving them seeing family, the outside world, being treated like animals, living in filthy conditions, isn’t human is abusive. no matter what the crime jail conditions are proven psychologically damaging, you don’t come out the same person even for non- violent crimes.
The solution should be rehabilitation places to help the mentally sick including murderers, often have past abuse or trauma which led them to murder, and if guns kill people then ban the sale of guns unless it’s for licensed hunters and they should require a psych test beforehand. Stealing or money crimes should do community service or be provided with a job guaranteed. Homelessness and the poor economy leads to stealing and theft and being homeless isn’t a crime, the crime is they have nowhere to live because of our government giving up on them, so if they have to steal to eat it’s not a crime against us, we are criminalizing them!
For Murderers they should get psych help, but even psych wards can be corrupt and inhumane, voiding you of any human rights or freedom. Again this isn’t the patients problem but the way our government and society thinks we should treat “bad” or “crazy” people.
If you really think of what’s “bad”; our own government stealing from its people and allowing people to starve or die on the streets, parents who hit innocent children to teach them to behave and that’s ok, bullying of others and told to just deal with it all our lives, racism, people who condone killing or the death penalty are no different than a murderer, not able to go to college giving you an unfair chance at a job to survive, the list goes on and on... should all these people be in jail too, as they all commit crimes as well.
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Your not seeing the big picture here, what you think is “bad” has been taught to you, if you can break away from what society thinks you’ll see no system is effective and other options can be created. For America anyway we had an African American president and gay/lesbian/transgender is not seen as mental illness anymore, those are huge steps to changes once seen as “not normal”.
Here’s a great article explaining my point about why prison is wrong.
Is jail the most horrible crime against humanity?
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