Why are people so fake? Especially on the internet?

There's this one black guy I cannot stand.

Anyways, this black guy tries to act like he's such a good kid because he hangs out with white people. These young white adults are a hot mess. I don't know why people think having white friends makes you smart, because they still b stupid.

He started copying me and shit. One, I don't like lightskin black men. I definitely don't like ones who call themselves honeybun. Secondly, he'd threaten and use black women for clout. Lastly, he is a boot licking coon.

What black man just harasses an innocent black woman with their white friends then complain about white supremacy? STFU.

So then his white friends would try to copy me until I threatened to beat their ass for invading my personal space an privacy.

I feel much better without those people in my fucking space. Now they can go back to posting dumbass artificial qoutes like a little bitch on Twitter and instagram.
Why are people so fake? Especially on the internet?
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