Have climate activistist joined the ranks of SJWs?

I hear they're planning to disrupt traffic on Monday. Lately they've gone all in on the idea that world is ending. Children are pledging not to have kids, people are literally becoming depressed (climate anxiety), and if you suggest a measured approach to combating climate change, you will be called a climate science denier. It's happened to me. I've been called a white supremacist racist (despite being an immigrant from Bolivia), and now a climate science denier for prefering solutions that don't destroy our economy. You either agree with these people totally or they cast you out. Is no one in the environmentalist camp concerned that these lunatics are taking over and making the cause one big meme the same way SJWs turned its mission into a joke? I want real solutions. I guess I'm a heretic.
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Greta is at it again with more poorly written speeches. Jobless weirdos halt traffic to prevent people from working so they can feed their families. This movement is officially a joke.
Have climate activistist joined the ranks of SJWs?
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