Are Canadians more polite then nice?

People say Canadians are too nice.
I lived in Vancouver for a year and I found them more 'polite'.

It was very difficult for me because I try to be quite precise when I talk and the social cues in Vancouver were confusing to me. I always try to come across as congenial, and that's always good enough in the USA and New Zealand.

And the stickling to silly rules in Canada was irritating. It seemed dysfunctional and Victorian. Like the police refusing to respond to thievery if it was done electronically.

Or allowing people who are quiet to get away with breaking the rules, instead punishing those who are disruptive. As if disturbing the peace is the worst thing in Canada. And thievery is okay if it's discrete and not annoying people.

I feel they are very polite and formal but more aloof than americans.
Are Canadians more polite then nice?
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