Do you know how to argue effectively?

Arguing effectively is more that just bringing up good points backed with solid evidence. It's more than just one upping your counterpart's position and it's more than winning the popularity contest (which is what most people think "winning" an argument is). Jordan Peterson, one of the great arguers of our time, fills in a few points on how to argue effectively and productively in this video. It can summed up with a few simple rules.

1) Set your goals for the argument ahead of time. Most people argue for the sake or arguing or for the sake of being offended. Or to be vindictive. This will not lead to an effective argument.

2) Be a good listener. To argue you must understand your counterpart's perspective and arguments. Failure to do so will make it impossible to meet your argument goals.

3) Be consistent. It is impossible to convey or be believed for being true if you are constantly shifting or bending your ideological and philosophical values.
Do you know how to argue effectively?
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