Can we call out cancel culture for a child abuse?

I’m sure you all know the Carson king situation if not here’s a brief summary guy hold up a sign saying my bush supply needs replenishing and then left his Venmo on the sign It was shown on national TV and after getting about $400 he decided to donate the rest to charity After buying himself a case of bush to a children’s hospital. The guy is 24 years old. Motion Venmo made a contract with him saying that they were going to match his donation at this point he has raised over $1 million unfortunately he said some racist things when he was 16 and so now Bush has backed off on their word and is only going to donate $350,000.
this man A joke idea with the sign and he’s turning it into something that is positive for the health of children. Thanks to cancel culture The children will no longer be receiving $650,000 of that money which is pretty much in my opinion child abuse and child neglect. And since Bush wants to sell to everybody we can’t necessarily blame Bush. So I kind of wanna call out cancel culture for child abuse because this is negatively impacting children at this point.
Can we call out cancel culture for a child abuse?
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