What's your biggest concern about your country?

For me, it's the growing influence of mainstream American culture all around Europe and American Liberalism in particular. This is a disgrace. I must remind my people, the Native-Europeans, that the USA is the world's leader in mental illnesses incidence and antidepressant consumption rates, also that country does very poorly in quality of life (high rates of cancer, obesity, alcoholism, suicide, drug abuse, just to name a few). Is this what we want for Europe? Stop being culturally colonised by those maniacs!

F*ck new America and its Liberalism, regime changes around the world, consumerism, George Soros, the cult of Wokeness, CNN, Gender Studies, White guilt, obesity rates, Hollywood, sitcoms, saggy pants, rap/hip hop, fast food, that comical beauty standards like fake lips, modern architecture, p*rn, celeb gossips and all the filth I forgot to mention.
What's your biggest concern about your country?
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