What is cultural appropriation?

personally I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing but I have questions on if I do his am I culturally appropriating. Now keep in mind that I don't know what my biological culture is I’m from a long line of prostitution and women wanting to get money off the of welfare system I’m a straight bastard and I’m adopted. Best guess Is Norwegian heritage.

Here what hat I enjoy that. Could be considered a cultural appropriation

I enjoy anime I’m not going to say I’m Japanese but I do take a lot of my mannerisms off of that because I’ve watched so Watch anime and I do you speak Japanese I am taking Japanese one again because I took Japanese back in 2010-2012 and last year 2018 and I do want to get a good grasp on the language so i’m taking the first year class again. Personally I love Japan I love how nice the people that are there and that’s probably from the foreigners perspective and I’ve heard from interviews on YouTube that foreigners are typically more friendly then the Japanese especially Americans. But is loving anime and getting immersed into Japanese culture culture appropriation mean if anything I admire the Japanese culture and I love on Anime.

I enjoyed soccer I mainly watch that Mexican league I picked up a few Spanish words and the team I’m rooting for is Tijuana is that a culture appropriation also watch the German league in English Premier league and the sounders just guys go home team.

I enjoy music from around the world like Turkish rap reggae especially from Jamaica and J pop and some Korean pop

Am I wrong for enjoying these things my partaking in cultural appropriation.
What is cultural appropriation?
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