Why do Americans hate marijuana so much?

Even though the myths that President Nixon had spread about the substance have all been debunked by modern science, many Americans still believe in them. Even to the point where some people will go out of their way to snitch on some weed smokers who are minding their own business smoking in a park or even in their own backyard. Many don’t even understand the difference between “illegal” and “amoral”.

Don’t like it, don’t use it. I just don’t see why some anti-cannabis people feel the need to be party poopers and ruin other people’s’ lives instead of just staying away from the substance that they hate so much.

For the record: I don’t like the smell of marijuana either. However, I still mind my own business when the college students in my building are smoking in the park, away from the other residents.
Why do Americans hate marijuana so much?
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