Why don’t people understand that there really is nothing we can to about climate change?

The reality behind climate change is there’s nothing we can do about it if we want to bankrupt our entire world economy send the world into a massive global recession and basically prevent Communities in Africa and Asia f communities in Africa and Asia from being able to feed their families.

Many places in Africa they burn feces in order to eat their houses And cook there food. Also fossil fuels are the cheapest and most economically convenient way of dealing with poverty. Solar power of Hydro power in wind power is great for a developed nations food places that are undeveloped like a lot of African countries and people in Asia like Vietnam Cambodia Laos even China in parts of India they need fossil fuels also places like Alaska Washington state could never begin to think about using things like solar power because in these climates it rains nine months out of the year and you’re not going to get much energy from the sun and then if you damn the rivers it causes ecological damage a good example is in Washington state due to Hydro power we are losing a lot of our salmon which in turn hurts the orcas and causes the death of sea lions because we now have to kill them in order to preserve another species. Not to mention the green new deal bans Cars air travel and forces use to become vegan Which what we need for transportation in many areas of the United States and trains in certain areas are completely not economically efficient like my brother lives in a place called Goldendale in nobody is going to be wanting to take a train to Goldendale ever it’s a small town that consist of rual Farmer and would never be economically viable for trains so how are people supposed to get away from Goldendale to get stuff they need for their farms
Why don’t people understand that there really is nothing we can to about climate change?
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