What would you do if you were the judge in this case?

My girlfriend told me about this case. I thought it was interesting, so I wanted to post a question about it.

An international fashion model named Carole marries a much older oil tycoon named Gerald. She then begins having an affair with Michael, a handsome neighbor her own age. Carole gets pregnant and has a beautiful daughter named Victoria. Then Michael and Carole break up and Michael sues for custody of Victoria.

A DNA test shows that Michael is Victoria’s father. Carole and Gerald’s lawyer says there’s a law that if a married couple has a child, no one else can try and prove that the child is really theirs, even if the DNA test says it is. Michael’s lawyer says that the law violates her client’s constitutional rights. The judge agrees with Carole and Gerald and says that “an adulterous natural father has no constitutional rights.”

Michael’s lawyer appeals the case. You’re one of the judges on the Supreme Court. What would you do?
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By girlfriend, I meant a female friend
What would you do if you were the judge in this case?
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