G@Gers, What do you think of blackfishing?

First off, the white race has never been oppressed or targeted by an other larger race. Because of their appearance, they are able to apply for jobs an African American, Native American or Hispanic etc. would get declined for. Because of their race they aren’t immediately shot at if they look threatening to police. Their skin tone gets them put on the news if killed during a shooting, yet nothing is heard of the Asian, African, Hispanic etc. person who died that same day in that same shooting.

All the above is white privilege.

Now the definition of my topic:

“Blackfishing” is a recently-coined term used to describe someone accused of pretending to be black on social media by using makeup, hair products and in some cases, surgery to drastically change their appearance.

Instagram models are really taking “just tanning” and “only extensions” to the next level. Long African American/mixed curls, darker skin to the point where it is no more obvious that it is a white person, large plump lips, an extremely curvy body.

Now yes, I do know these are all just stereotypes of black/brown women BUT a majority of these women DID pass as mixed/black on social media for a short time just because they changed these features.

Acting as a different race for followers and likes is absolutely wrong. It’s not okay to put on the desirable features and completely ignore the struggles the race you took those features from deals with. Black women are being pushed aside for these WHITE women who LOOK black. Black women are called unattractive and ugly, yet when a white woman takes a black woman’s features upon herself, she’s beautiful?

You can’t pose as a different race or steal the characteristics of one, yet sit there with your privileged rights in your paid off home, with your steady job, secured pension and ignore the racism, the discrimination and the hate crime the people you faked yourself to look like deal with.

So take a good look at these women and tell me what you think.
G@Gers, What do you think of blackfishing?
G@Gers, What do you think of blackfishing?
G@Gers, What do you think of blackfishing?
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