What do you make off this?

Now this information is only relevant too the UK only.

Mum is studying psychology in college and I one off her exercise books I read and it stated that from early 2000's sexual assault has increased in reports but only in men infact woman have less reports off sexual assault within the UK and here is the strangest thing, woman raping men have increased in reports and men are less likely too report it than woman. Now considering the courts have made it harder for woman too prosecute men for sexual assault but also easier for men too win when acusing a female off sexual assault. The reason is females have weponsied it.

Also 94 reports off crime are reported daily and only 34% get a reporting officer and only 3 reports will find criminals and only 1.5% will go too prison. This is taught in psychology too students studying it... mad isn't it.
What do you make off this?
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