Is it bad to stay at home all the time?

My life consists of work and being at home. I have a custom art business from my home and that keeps me busy but I realized I don’t have a group of people I can go to places with.

At work, I keep to myself and I don’t try to be friends with anyone because I’ve seen them stab each other in the back and I want no part of it.
I also don’t really go anywhere because I never feel like I’m welcome anywhere. People where I live very closed minded and they look at me like I’m dirt to them. So I just figure it’s better to stay out of everyone’s way.

Unfortunately, I have had some breakdowns and self doubts. Come to find out I struggle with depression. I was told that staying at home all the time is also what could be one of the things causing my depression because I’m isolating myself.

But is is it possible to continue to be a homebody and get better?
Is it bad to stay at home all the time?
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