What am I doing wrong and how do I find a job I'll like?

The other day I was called into the meeting room I instantly knew I was in trouble because it was with the evil logistics manger. He came into the room and he said "don't look so terrified" I said "why am I not in trouble? " then he had a awkward look on his face basically he was blaming me for the warehouse being dirty even though all the bins are full because no one bothered taking them out whilst I was away on holiday and I'm making a lot of mistakes at work, which I understand I have but I've recently improved apoun them and most the stuff he was bringing up happened months ago but claimed it was all last week. When I questioned this he said "I have a memory like a elephant, I never forget" well you sure do talk some shit that's for sure I thought to myself. So basically I've been told I have 6 months to improve or I'm out.

I'm not stupid they did this in April they sacked a load of people and hired uni students. April is are lested busy time of year and my bosses favourite time to throw people under the bus after a long year of giving them false hope and pretending he cares about his staff and there future.

I know I'll be gone soon, they've already demoted me, I've wanted to leave for ages I've slowly realised my work is toxic and they only care about if you've been grammar school.

My family doesn't care and won't help me find a new job they just tell me to shut up when I tell them I'm scared and need help but they don't care. The only one who care is my boyfriend, he's been trying to help and I appreciate it but he's looking at jobs to far away from me.

I just feel like I've fallen through the cracks all my life and don't really have much going for me, everything I've tried to succeed at has ended badly and I've had doors slammed in my face by people I thought wanted to help.
7 mo
I'm so scared, I want to be successful but I have no were to start, I have nothing but my boyfriend and family to support me but besides that I see myself being another person broken by the system working a shitty job for shitty pay and will never escape the soul crushing reality of life it self. Life is shit plain and simple , we chase money so much we forget to live and then we die.

All I want is to prove everyone wrong and make my love one's proud of me but I can't even manage that.
7 mo
Honestly feel like if it wasn't for my boyfriend I'd had jump off a bridge by now
What am I doing wrong and how do I find a job I'll like?
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