Trump is not a fascist! Whats wrong with fake news cnn?

These fascism comparisons are getting ridiculous. Hitler didn't even have the democratic process in his calculations. The fact he got kind of democratically elected is a mere coincidence, and probably just pre-empted the violent overthrow that was in the future (under whatever pretense). The Nazis didn't come out of nowhere. Hitler didn't come out of nowhere. He had already been in jail for a failed coup attempt 10 years prior to taking power. In prison, he wrote a book detailing his political plans of world domination and racial cleansing, called "Mein Kampf". The Nazis had systematically built their own army of street fighters, the SA (predecessor of the SS), and the Hitler Youth, who was brainwashing kids into a cult of death and the future maniacal troops for his expansionary vision of a Third Reich. This had been built up over years with organized groups, demonstrations, and propaganda films, books, newspapers, and so on. They were in fact establishing their own version of Germany while the old version was still in power. The takeover was a mere formality at some point. What's Trump been doing the last couple years? "Grubbing" money and talking about the US being ripped off. Not quite the same thing. And don't even TRY to compare Nazi violence to the riots at the Trump rallies which are stirred by the vandals from the other side anyway. To quote one protester, when asked about cars being burnt by protesters, "We could protest peacefully, but then we wouldn't get any attention." Bottom line, fascism is about more than just lacking "decorum" or making outlandish statements for attention. Fascism is a concerted and purposeful push to overthrow Democracy, take power, and establish an absolutist ideology and suppress all opposition, first and foremost by violent means.
Trump is not a fascist! Whats wrong with fake news cnn?
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You clown illegal alien, leftists like to throw titles around as much as fake news.. 👎
Trump is not a fascist! Whats wrong with fake news cnn?
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