Is suicide more acceptable under certain circumstances?

Personally, I think society's logic when dealing with the topic of suicide is very counterintuitive. Let's talk about the facts for a minute. Suicide is mostly a religious debate, however our world is becoming more and more materialistic and faithless. I find the way people think about this subject to be hypocritical and disgusting. When we actually lose someone it's a terrible tragedy, but when that person is alive we tell them to suck it up. We live in a competitive society that is quick to dispose of people that don't have the skills or mental health to survive. Are these people really better off being locked up and doomed to a life of misery? Is someone who struggles to afford basic necessities like food or shelter really better off taking up space in a world they are unhappy living in? There are far more pros than cons to suicide. Pros: The population would stabilize more, prisons would be less crowded, the economy would improve, and the people that actually want to live would enjoy a higher quality of life. Not to mention, if suicide was acceptable, perhaps people would actually be more considerate of mental health. Cons: A handful of people that most likely don't struggle with finances, work, poverty, or depression would be sad for a couple of weeks. There exist suicide machines which can kill you painlessly. These are used for terminally ill patients to give them a peaceful death, and are equipped with escape switches in case the person changes his or her mind. Does anyone else agree people should have a right to die?
Yes. Unhappy people shouldn't be forced to live.
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Neutral, people shouldn't be forced to live, but I don't agree with allowing suicide.
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No! Nobody should be allowed to die, or think about suicide. (Please explain)
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Yes. I completely agree, and I wish this already existed because I don't want to live.
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Yes, but suicide is only acceptable for terminally ill patients that are dying anyway.
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Is suicide more acceptable under certain circumstances?
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