Do you tip and why do you/don't you?

Do you feel obligated to tip, why?
Do you feel bad if you don't tip, why?
And do you care about the dirty looks you get if you don't tip?
7 mo
PART 1: Let me include my very unpleasant experience. I got a job opportunity in Bangkok 6 months ago so I took it, but it was so sudden I couldn't save enough money until the moving time so I struggled a bit for the first month and a half. The flat I rent was barely furnished, especially the kitchen. I had to buy a brand new fridge.
7 mo
PART 2: When they delievered it (there were 3 people) and when I paid for my fridge and thanked them, they just looked at each other, said something in Thai (mind you I do not speak a word of it), and included "no tip" very clearly in English and started laughing. I never cared about not tipping before but this made me feel ashamed, but the more I thought about it the more angry I became. If I spoke their language I would've told them off and reported them.
Do you tip and why do you/don't you?
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