What should I do please help me?

I just turned 19, after I graduated at 17 I worked at my dads car lot for 3 months but it’s in the hood, threes a lot of drugs and death and low life’s basically + they were going out of business and I wasn’t getting paid, so I quit, and my dad was losing our house so my aunt who bought it off him (who is literally insane and only screams not talks just completely maniac, bi polar something) said for me to get the fuck out, so I moved with my mom who lives in Michigan, when I got there her husband kicked us out Bc he suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar too (crazy I know) so I literally drove my mom back to our hometown to live with our gma, when we got there she got diagnosed with ALS randomly at an early age which was a HUGE shock, and we took care of her for 4 months then she died, I planned the funeral and everything almost by myself, then my mom left to go live in Michigan in a homeless shelter with her ex husband... so now I’m here staying with my gpa but I have no money, no phone service, no shampoo, no soap, legit just living like crap with him mouching off his money so I can have a roof over my head, I can’t go back to my dads Bc he’s crazy, my moms gone, my sister is ab to live with her “boyfriend” who is crazy and abusive too basically, I can’t go to university Bc I got fucking randomly picked to prove a bunch of paperwork about my parents and just blah blah blah long story I cannot go to college at all, no car either, I just have no clue what the fuck to do, the only good thing is my memes go viral on twitter... that’s it...
What should I do please help me?
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