Do you think US forces should help the Kurds?

Kurds helped us to defeat the Nazis and Daesh.
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9 d
I didn't know boys had so much political knowledge. I mean the male knowledge on politics is on its peak. The boys have written some long essays to answer my questions. I have been very impressed by some answers especially the long essays even though I didn't understand most answers as a girl but I still gave thumbs up. Talking about fashion and makeup is so much easier than talking about politics.
6 d
OMG! Only boys answered this question. Hardly any girl answered this question. Is it because boys are more interested in politics? Now, I see that boys are more aware about politics, what's happening in the world and hence have a higher general knowledge. Girls just like to talk about makeup and fashion because it is much easier than politics.
Do you think US forces should help the Kurds?
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