Since 2016, are the Republicans partying like its 1888?

legalboxers Mississippi Is About To Have An Election Under Jim Crow

This fall in Mississippi, a group of elected officials could block the candidate who wins a majority of statewide votes from assuming the Governor’s Mansion and the attorney general’s office. And it would be completely legal.
That’s because of a long-overlooked provision in the state’s 1890 Constitution. The measure requires candidates for statewide office to win not just a majority of the vote but also a majority of the 122 districts in the state House. If a candidate wins a majority of the statewide vote but not a majority of the districts, the members of the Republican-controlled state House choose who wins the election. If no candidate receives a majority of the vote, the Mississippi House of Representatives picks a winner from the two candidates who received the most votes.

The provision is rooted in efforts to suppress Black people. After the 15th Amendment prohibited officials from denying voting rights based on race, the Mississippi delegates who met in 1890 sought to limit the power of the newly enfranchised black population in the state. Along with the requirements for winning statewide office, they adopted measures like poll taxes and literacy tests that made it harder for Black people to vote. The plan succeeded and significantly reduced the number of eligible Black voters in the state. Mississippi hasn’t elected an African American to statewide office in well over a century.
Since 2016, are the Republicans partying like its 1888?
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