Why do I feel so unfulfilled, bored and ultimately sad with my life currently?

So in a month I’ll be turning 25. Lately I’ve been feeling very bleh, kinda sad and overall unsatisfied with my life. It feels like I’m missing out on something but I don’t know what. And it feels like a chapter has come to a close and I’m looking around like now what?

In spring I’ll graduate with my masters in computer science. I began a job this past June making $70,000 where I work from home 5/5 days. On weekends, I work at a coffee shop just to socialize. I live with my parents. I go out shopping 3 times a week just to get out. I need this job as I have a ton of bills currently.

People have always thought of me as really attractive but I was always unhappy with my looks. So 2 years ago I had a nose job that didn’t turn out. My nose collapsed and I couldn’t breathe. During this time I was also in an abusive relationship with my first ever boyfriend. It lasted from August 2018-March 2019. It ended horrifically and I’ll leave it at that.

This summer I was in depression about my nose so I had a second surgery. Now, not only does my nose look amazing but I can breathe again. I feel like the last couple of years I was in a dark place but now it’s all over I feel fully ready for new experiences and excitement. But I’m just so sad because I don’t know what that is or what to even do.

I’ve been watching a tv show drama with my mom lately. It’s about a family who are billionaires and have constant excitement in their lives and after I watch it I feel sad because I wish I had some of that. And more people in my life like that. I don’t socialize much especially with people my age. And when I have, they haven’t been my cup of tea? Then I just feel more lonely.
Half my family lives in Dubai and they’re high up in the government and make millions. They want me to come stay with them. That won’t happen for a good year or 2.

It’s like the same old just doesn’t produce the same highs anymore. My life is great but I’m not happy. Why?
Why do I feel so unfulfilled, bored and ultimately sad with my life currently?
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