Is this a Republican (Moscow Mitch), Trump - WOMP WOMP Moment?
Donald Trump's Subpoena Appeals Now Head to Merrick Garland's Court

As Donald Trump continues to fight against a congressional subpoena from House Democrats for financial records, he will now have to face the Obama-nominated judge Republicans refused to consider for the Supreme Court.

Merrick Garland is currently the chief judge at the D. C. Circuit Court of Appeals, where President Trump's legal battle will head next as the president's attorneys attempt to reverse the earlier court ruling in favor of Congress.

Garland was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Barack Obama in 2016 following the death of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia. But congressional Republicans stonewalled his nomination process until after the election, arguing that the incoming president should be the one to nominate a judge to the lifelong position.

After Trump was elected, he quickly nominated conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch to the high court. As a result, Garland resumed his position as chief judge of the nation's most important federal appeals court, where he has served since 1997.
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Is this a Republican (Moscow Mitch), Trump - WOMP WOMP Moment?
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