Why do people think that Hollywood is 'open mindedness' and not realize that it's propaganda?

I work in the film industry and I am very aware that my work for an Indian show is deliberately designed to advance the public image of muslims.

I am not muslim. I just do it for money. But at least I know the purpose of these media projects.

But I am worried that Americans believe this exceptionalist idea that in THEIR country, the media is free and it's all a market place for ideas and not propaganda. People believe Hollywood is grassroots. Of course it isn't.

Hollywood is propaganda. Sabrina and other 'girl power's shows is propaganda designed to push women into the work place to profit the state and bourgeoisie by expanding the workforce. Feminism also undermines non state authority (like a family patriatch) because people are only responsible to the state not the family. Expanding the authority of the state.
Marvel superheroes are propaganda to promote the American dream and American exceptionalism, and warlike interference in world politics. And to instill fear of terrorism. Batman is propaganda justifying surveillance.

Disney is propaganda of irresponsible 'individualism' expressed through frivolous spending (to support business). Propaganda aimed at kids. And it's super ironic because every Disney princess movie is indistinguishable from the Little Mermaid, disney princesses are not 'individuals' at all.

It's not all bad, movies are cool, but it's blatant propaganda. It's rarely some austere artist visionary who is 'critical' of society getting a voice in Hollywood. Maybe sometimes if the subcersive message is veiled. Like in Full Metal Jacket. But not usually.

It's more controlled than that. Why do people think that hollywood makes them smart and open minded?

It worries me that people think Hollywood is grass roots.
Why do people think that Hollywood is 'open mindedness' and not realize that it's propaganda?
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