Am I stupid if Im a conservative?

Am I a stupid person for being a conservative? Is that why I found a home in that party because of my mental capacity?

Does this also have something to do with me always conspiracy theorizing about things I see in the media and try to find some underlying explanation to things

For example

I believe the markets should be free to operate without government intervention
Abortion should be prevented after week 9 - unless its harmful for the mother and she must terminate due to complications
Guns should remain as a right to ownership by the citizens
Gays should have the right to wed, if not in a religious setting thats fine but not entirely opposed to
Immigration should be regulated by implementing measures to deter criminals, sex and drug traffickers and coyotes.
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I've given it some thought and I think I am on board with government run higher education and healthcare (healthcare should have privatization as option though)

The reason I came to this conclusion after some thought is that the State simply provides us tax payers the means to a safe, prosperous life. We had to centralize the fire departments and police and so further and now we take these things for granted.

Sure there will be those who won't use those state services but many will
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took some online political ideology test and it does say that Im conservative 81%, then next would be libertarian 79%, Liberal 77% and then social Democrat 50%
Am I stupid if Im a conservative?
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