Infighting in your own party or something else?

legalboxers Texas GOP speaker tape: Lawmaker 'vile,' Trump 'killing us'

AUSTIN — Texas' GOP House speaker sought help ousting members of his own party in 2020, called a female lawmaker "vile" and said President Donald Trump is "killing us" in pivotal races in a secretly recorded meeting with a conservative activist released Tuesday.

House Speaker Dennis Bonnen also profanely disparaged another Democratic House member in the hourlong tape, which also reveals other political scheming and has thrown the GOP-controlled Legislature into disarray at a fragile moment when their majority is at stake.

The tape has uncorked the biggest Texas political scandal in years. Democrats filed a lawsuit accusing Bonnen — the third-most powerful Republican in the Texas Capitol — of breaking campaign finance laws during the June meeting with the head of a conservative group called Empower Texans, which has spent lavishly in pursuit of pulling the Legislature far to the right on issues such as abortion and guns.y'all singing this while clutching a picture of "the chosen one"
Infighting in your own party or something else?
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