How much bidding can this clown do for the "chosen one" ? Trump chief of staff Mick Mulvaney disses Puerto Rico, saying ‘that place was corrupt’ and suggests it’s a foreign country

The White House insulted Puerto Rico again — and not everybody thinks it was an honest mistake.
Seeking to defend Trump against impeachment claims that he held up aid to Ukraine to get dirt on Joe Biden, Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney threw La Isla Del Encanto under the bus.
The White House aide said the president’s primary goal in blowing off Ukraine was to save American taxpayers from throwing millions of taxpayer dollars into a graft-ridden country.
“Everybody knows (Ukraine) is a corrupt place,” Mulvaney said. “This is on the heels of what happened in Puerto Rico, when we took a lot of heat for not wanting to give a bunch of aid to Puerto Rico because we thought that place was corrupt."

"And by the way turns out we were right. Put that as your context,” he added.

And Mick. You are a TURD. GET OVER IT!
How much bidding can this clown do for the "chosen one" ?
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