Could this Brazilian guy be legally black if this happened?

Okay so a Brazilian family moved to America in the 70s they were of Amerindian and Portuguese descent.. not being able to speak or understand English they settled in a black community in the inner city of Chicago... adating to their new language and environmental surroundings they pick up on Americanculture very quick over a period of ten years. their culture their identity is almost completely American with a very strong rban ghetto lingo although being Mestizo
They identify more with black culture and even start ticking black on the census.. the youngest is now 25 she marries a ihispanic guy and gives birth to an Hispanic son but divorces the guy two years later and gets married yo a black light skin guy whom she lies to her son abiut jim neing black and the light skinned black guy being his dad... the black guy adopts the kid and tthe Hispanic hispanic son grew up in the African Americancommunity and like his grand parents and uncles have a racial identty crisis
Fucked up family situation right there
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He is Latino
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To think that shot like this actually happen to people
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Lmao😁😁😁😁😆😅 good joke man
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Could this Brazilian guy be legally black if this happened?
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