Male Feminst - Do they exist?

Hello all!

Just wondering if there's any other men out there who feel the same or similar to me. I would go to the extent to say I have a bit of an issue with what the typical man is like, how he behaves and treats the opposite sex.

I believe that we're all equal, and if anything women have to go through so much more than what we do. Why don't we respect them and cherish them... instead of degrading them?

Heck I don't know. Probably going to get a lot of hate for this but I hate women can be known as slags, but not one word is mentioned for the Male equivalent.

Little things like that... I still do the little things like insist on lifting something, holding open the door etc but I'm not one of these extremists which take everything to unhealthy lengths.

Anyway, rambled a bit. I have a massive distaste to the normal man. You can normally spot one when you look at them.

Male Feminst - Do they exist?
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