Do you think “female empowerment” is necessary in society today?

I think that in a way it is unfortunately because I feel like so many young women simply do not speak up in social situations or really have much of anything to say. I’ve been in so many social situations where speaking to young women often feels like you’re talking to a wall or a small child and honestly I’ve been shocked. I wonder if these girls have ever experienced anything at all, or had to deal with people in a way that required them to actually be personable to people even if they potentially didn’t care to talk to them. You know?

I feel like there’s so many girls like that. You can spin it and say how it’s pro female, and chalk it up to 3rd wave feminism or whatever but honestly for these women that don’t seem to have any interpersonal skills, I feel like they need something. It’s very frustrating being a guy, looking for a quality woman, and having to come across a bunch of girls that seem to be dumb as a box of rocks. It’s like “have a voice, SAY something. Don’t just look at me and expect me to read your mind.”

If you can’t even express yourself and what’s on your mind, how is anyone supposed to get to know you or respect you? I’m sorry but being a pretty face isn’t enough. It’s not going to get you very far.
Do you think “female empowerment” is necessary in society today?
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