What's wrong with being a selfish bastard?

Whats wrong with being a selfish bastard?
This is a message to the natalist freaks. If you are not a natalist, then this message does not address you:

Why y'all so butthurt and mad you won't get any taxpayers money into the gov from my non-existent spawns?
No? Then why does it bother you so much 😂? Are you jealous I get to do what I want and when I want and get myself the things I want? You wanted kids, sacrificed your own resources for it and then complain, that we won't follow suit and call us selfish pricks. Just look at yourself first! This is why I won't follow your mistakes:

You drive your kids to school and I fly to Bahamas for 4 weeks long!

You have a budged for your kid's college tuition while I have a budged for beauty surgeries, get my teeth brightened with UV rays and epilate my body from excess hair and get spa massages after some working days or after a challenging gym workout.

Your car broke completely and you're saving up for a Ford because you have an urgent case and you need wheels ASAP especially with your kids while I am about to purchase a Ferrari or a Jeep Wrangler.

You are renting or living in a mediocre/average 3 room apartment in a mediocre or OK-ish neighborhood and I have just begun building my very own little mansion right in the outskirts of the city with a nice big pool and a garden!

Your kid nags you about wanting the iPhone 12 Super Edition 1TB because the iPhone X is so out now. I am getting myself some very nice jewelry, chains and pendants and enjoy my JD cocktail in silence.

Jealousy is visible on you all and you're in denial! I would really and sincerely feel very sorry for you but alas you called me a selfish bastard, so I won't. Now reap what you sow and deal with it.
What's wrong with being a selfish bastard?
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