Why is it so great to be poor?

So up here in Canada, if you are poor the government and other community support groups will offer you pretty much everything for free. Free gym memberships, free child care, Free money, VERY cheap rent, free bus passes, Dental, welfare and some medications. You can also work under the table for cash.

Yet I don't get any of that. Matter of fact I make too much that I'm not even entitled to any of these programs my taxes pay for. Child care tax credit? NOPE! Child Tax benefit? NOPE! $-2300.00 month... out of my pocket and more!

Since when is it glorified to sit at home make a nice living that our taxes pay to enable the poor to live on a system that does not help them but make's them parasites. I work in a Community housing area, all I see if Violence, drugs, needles, killings and crazy people.

We make a joke to all the guys on the work site about all the dangerous people outside of our fenced off work site. "Don't feed the wild life"! "What happens if one of the wildlife creatures (humans) find there way into our work area fence"? "Call the supervisor so I can beat them back into their cages"

It's funny watching these poor people. I can put a line of icing sugar on the sidewalk you will see some guy walk by take a straw out and snort it right off the sidewalk. Only to see him hack and cough to look around and keep walking to the local community center. I even put a closed taped empty box of donuts with little rocked glued that weighed the same as a dohnut. Only to see some guy just grab it and run off only to find it was filled with glued rocks. HAHAHA Its great I love the wild life!

Whatever happened to survival of the fittest? You know, if you were not strong to survive you died? Yet... We let degenerates procreate with little or no recourse of the consequences. Want to have more kids? No problem we will give you more money!
Why is it so great to be poor?
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