Is femininity shamed/looked down upon nowadays?

Though masculinity and feminity can be subjective, It seems as if women need to look stereotypically masculine (short hair, square face, no curves aka no hips or boobs, dark colours etc.) in order to be respected and taken seriously in the workplace and school and being on top of a power position. And if a woman's a lesbian or asexual, they hardly believe her, because some people think that all lesbians are masculine, overweight, unattractive and short-haired butches and asexuals are prudish and ugly, even some lesbians and asexuals can sometimes believe those assumptions.

Also, many people regardless of their political spectrum ( SJWs, Alt-RIghtist, etc.) or gender, they seem to have problem with attractive and feminine women in both real-life and fiction (video games, books, anime, animation, etc.) and they either try to ruin their reputation, ban them, ruin them, censor them or just treating them like crap and criticize them for liking stereotypically girly things. So is femininity shamed nowadays?
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Is femininity shamed/looked down upon nowadays?
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