Do you think having this list of unpopular opinions makes me a bad person?

Unless someone can convince me otherwise on #1...

1.) I don't donate to such causes as AIDS, cancer and malaria research. Who are we to stop Mother Nature from keeping our populations in check? I'd rather donate to help people living in poverty, to help end human trafficking, and to help protect endangered species of animals and their ecosystems. I don't have anything against people donating to cure malaria - I don't claim to have all the answers... But don't say that I don't like to donate to good causes.

2.) Between saving the lives of my own family (including my 4-year-old nephew's) and being able to end puppy and rodent mills, I'd choose the latter. Why would I NOT want to put an end to something that causes immeasurable and prolonged suffering to ANY lifeforms - something that's worse than killing them? My family wouldn't feel a thing. Plus, we all rot in the ground anyway, right? And they're Christian... So if you're Christian too, they go to Heaven, right?

3.) Murderers, child molesters, rapists in general, drug dealers... I think humanity in general is the scum of the earth, so I'm not really one to judge people for any *specific* offense (s). If men who hit their girlfriends/wives are trash, women who hit their boyfriends/husbands are trash. If you believe molesters in prison should be raped every day that they're incarcerated, you're no better: if they're not serving a life sentence, that achieves nothing but making them even MORE f*cked up by the time they're released BACK into the general public - and committing the act of rape, no matter who it's against, desensitizes other inmates to it and makes THEM more violent as well... And all that just for your desire for petty revenge to be fulfilled?
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No. All any of us can do is what we think is right.
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No. Your opinions aren't really even immoral.
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I don't know.
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Do you think having this list of unpopular opinions makes me a bad person?
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