What would it take for you to change?

So, i used to be a conservative.

More aptly; i was a conservative-leaning libertarian. I was raised conservative and i just grew up with that kind of mindset:
I thought the majority of poor people were lazy, i thought the Muslims were coming for our country, i thought trans people weren't real, all that jazz.
When the whole Gamergate thing happened i was SO on board. I have always been (and still am) VERY anti-censorship so when i heard that the feminists were coming for videogames i thought we were gonna go to war. I Used to watch nothing but right-leaning YouTubers. I was really into Sargon and Warski and Blair White. (Now I watch Vaush and TJ.)

I was really into all that shit as a kid/teen.

It was only through exploring new ideas through YouTube and with people outside of my "group" that i started to change tunes.

It happened with the trans issue, first. I was arguing with someone and they brought up statistics from the American Psychological Association that i literally couldn't argue with.
After that, everything started unraveling for me: i lost interest in the ideological debates like feminism and started learning a lot more about economics and sociology. The more I learned the more embarrassed i was for being so angry about dumb shit while ignoring greater systemic issues... But i also started feeling a lot happier the more I questioned myself.
The more I was able to learn and connect with new people the less angry and confused i felt. I Used to think shit like "gender studies" was going to end the world... Now I'm really not so scared.

Reactionary right-wing ideas are fueled by fear and having things like statistics and open-dialogue elevated that unfounded fear.
I feel like people are deliberately trying NOT to change their mind on anything, rather than trying to find the truth for any individual subject. It's honestly a little scary to see people outright DENY data. If facts won't change someone's mind, what will?
What would it take for you to change?
What would it take for you to change?
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