Why are the people so divided in the USA about politics?

From the left to the right.

One political party thinks their ideals are better for there country than the other. Yet the people are so twisted in thinking that it's "ok" to resort to violence against someone with the opposite political view.

I hope the USA has a revolution and maybe the left and right can have a shoot out to see who's ideal's are better because there is no way to heal the current divide.

And since when was it ok for School's to indoctrinate students with a certain political view rather than be open minded to the realities of this world. That's like saying... "I voted for Hillary because she's a woman".
10 mo
Very good answers from all walks of life I'm sure. Gives me an idea that holding high hopes for the future generation is so... 100% F***ED! They can't heads or tales of the sacrifices of our forefathers.

Yet we live in a world where we are willing to take down and erase our country's history because we did some bad things. Even today you can't teach history lesson without the books being carefully reworded and heavily redacted to ensure no one's feelings gets hurt. I feel sorry for the kids.
Why are the people so divided in the USA about politics?
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