Have you ever experienced a “dropping”? Do you know what it is?

In the Netherlands, it’s quite common to experience a “dropping”. A dropping, for those that don’t know, is when you’re blindfolded and taken somewhere, often the woods, then you’re left there and need to find your way back. Generally, you’re in a group and you get a walkie-talkie or old phone, water, etc. No gps though, most times. They’re the most fun at night. Kids as young as 10 partake in these, often when they’re with the scouts. There’s no adults present, maybe someone a bit older (like 14 or 15).

I recently read an article about an American thinking this was absolutely bonkers. Typically American, I thought. No clue what the netherlands looks like and how we raise children. Oh well, we’re the happiest country on earth and only 120 people get murdered annually in the whole country, so his take on us didn’t bother me much. I did get curious, however. Is it really so strange? Are there no other people that do this?
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Have you ever experienced a “dropping”? Do you know what it is?
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