What's your take on revolvers?

I believe they are obsolete from a concealed carry perspective, obviously from a military's perspective, and a competition shooters perspective. For hunters, I actually can see some merit as revolvers in.44 magnum, .454, .357, or even 500 magnum are readily available and have different, more affordable options than can be used as a self defense tool say, if you're going into bear country or as an emergency backup to your hunting rifle. Although some may argue that a Glock in 10mm will be more effective than a.44 revolver for bears, the important thing for me as that there's arguments for both sides, it's not a totally clear winner, which keeps them from being obsolete in this instance. What's your take on revolvers?
Whats your take on revolvers?
They're obsolete
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What's your take on revolvers?
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