Another police incompetence or no?

A police chased happen near my city and neighboring county today and police decided to exist their cars knowing the suspects where armed and ready for a gun fight since they already shot at them once prior during the chase.

One of the subjects shoots first when the UPS truck fully stops because of the traffic jam initiating the gun fight and a UPS worker who was being held hostage in the truck got shot and killed most likely by all those cops shooting into the truck and another civilian in their car got shot and died too.

You don't engage suspects in a gun fight in a hostage situation especially in a traffic jam with many more other civilians near by. These freaking cops man. 🤦‍♂️
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I just heard the Miami-Dade police director on the local news say in a interview, there's nothing they could have done different.

I wonder would he have said that if that was is son or daughter taken hostage while police riddle the truck with bullets?

Here's a hint: Don't approach the truck drawing and aiming your guns at the truck intensifying the situation and inviting the criminals to shoot at you.

Should of stay away at a fair distance and let the helicopters follow them from the air.
Another police incompetence or no?
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