Would I make a good president?

My policies

I want to rule with tyranny

-No bullying policy - if a bully is reported and there is proof that they are bullying a victim, they are fined, teachers are requires to make and ammends to paper work that verifies that they should pay a fine. Teachers who fail to do this paper work in a certain timespan, their salary will be part of what pays for that fine.

NO BULLYING POLICY to protect young Americans, because it's a serious problem. Everyday potential world influencing people commit suicide because of a few remarks. We need to put a end to this

- Education system is changed. Instead of constant homework, students will be required to take test or quizes on subjects, there scores will be averaged throughout semesters. STANDARDIZED test will be abolished and college admissions would be based off this. You can choose what subject test average you want to send to college.

-id raise taxes ON THE RICH. I am mainly targeting athletes who make highly more than average because I believe they cause so much inflation.


- I will legalize abortion

- I would make ammends to North Korea and try to form a alignment

- raise wages but not a lot

- I would keep immigrants from crossing the border, too much terrorism targeted towards america

-Criminals with more than 2 criminal records are executed with capital punishment
9 mo
Already expecting hate, what I gotta deal with when I'm president.

9 mo
Keep up the hate. The more hate the better the better a president I am.

Tyranny is the only way to rule pal. Too many americans get off so easily
Would I make a good president?
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