How can the democrats throw the election their way?

I currently do not see Dems running a candidate that can win, bar one and she's not on stage. So, I don't understand the Dems and where their heads are at. A sitting president is hard to remove because of all the corrupt power handed to them over the years. So, I'm simply wanting to see a contest and challenge... so what kind of playbook a Democratic person could use to throw the election their way?

My major concern with Democrats is they live in a different world emotionally (I know quite a few) and will be dissapointed again when they lose, and may have them leaping from buildings to save themselves. It seems a real risk. First, what won't work.

* Impeachment - not going to remove him from office and won't alter a single voters view.
* Fake polls - tried that last time, not viable.

What might work:
* Trash the economy, spike unemployment (real or perceived). All democrats have this power by way of their dollar... just stop spending it! Thinking of drinking some coffee... NO! Drink some water in your refillable cup! Cheap, you just cut the GDP! Don't buy that new car yet... or ever, it's a waste of money. Don't pay your quarterly taxes, wait until end of year... distort all economic figures.
* Trash the stock market - thats right Jamie Dimon, you want a diff pres, you gotta tank that market. It's hard to win when people look at their bank accounts and are crying. If you have stocks... sell them. that's not investment advice, I cna't give such advice.
* Put your candidates on the late night talk show circuit. Always worked before. Maybe Warren can play the flute and Bernie the bongos?

What else can they do? Otherwise, gotta look in the mirror with fright for if Trump can beat them again, they should just resign and go home and sulk... because it means they suck worse than him or the majority of the country is more deluded than they are, and that's gonna feel awful. Gonna need a lot of medication after this election...
Who won, what?
Who won, what?
How can the democrats throw the election their way?
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