What do you respect?

What do you respect?
Some ideas I have (I've said these irl many times over the years)...

Numbers (though there is often also a hefty amount of interpretation needed, not just a blind or surface acceptance of what they appear to mean. I find statistical analysis interesting. I can sometimes spend too much time analyzing things, but I definitely am a details person, though also now at this age no less of a big picture person as well. I love when they work in harmony. I think it's important to not be so self-focused, and to zoom out and consider the larger influences or ramifications.)

Science (again, at times conclusions are malleable and can be influenced by an overwhelming desire for certain outcomes, but at least we continue to explore, and test, and think. We've got gravity down, for instance.)

People who exhibit self-control. I really like it when I see it in action, especially in how they interact with other people. That's impressive. (I tend to be drawn to and most interested in people who have strong self-control and are very reasonable, and then I like to encourage them to break out, break free at times.)

Logic mixed equally with a sense of humanity.
What do you respect?
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